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The ME/CVS Stichting Nederland (the Dutch ME/CFS Foundation), Vermoeidheidkliniek (”Fatigue Clinic”), Zorgvolg, a Dutch company specialized in online medical systems and dr. Rogier Louwen (Erasmus University) developed a research project on the influence and impact of Covid-19 on ME/CFS patients. This study would be done fully online by asking ME/CFS patients with and without corona and a control group of people around them without ME/CFS about their progress. After the first questionnaire they get weekly repeat questionnaires for the follow up.

But, unfortunately, two problems arised :
1. Not enough people for the control group, despite our actions to let grow this group.
2. To fill in the weekly repeat questionnaire during a longer period, cost for a huge number of ME/CFS patients much energy.

Therefore, after evaluation of the results of the first 8 weeks, no repeat questionnaires will be sent. The results of the research will be published.

It turns out we have been able, as 4 different organizations with only an eye for the best interests of all ME/CFS patients and with none financial interest, to start this research on very short notice. It’s a pity it had to stop at this point. We thank the professionals very much who advise and support us with this research as well as many thanks to the participants for their cooperation.